Tuesday, March 24, 2020

MUSIC REVIEW 006 Max Zuckerman - The Corner Office

This is some mind-blowingly smooth shit! Like most of the stars in the Galtta Media universe (Adrian Knight, Alice Cohen, Dave Lackner, Billy G. Robinson, Nick Stevens, Blue Jazz TV)) Max Zuckerman, the Blue Jazz TV guitarist, is trying to raise the jazz-rock & sophistipop bar past many more visual predecessors and contemporaries. The album opens with chord changes that would make Walter Becker blush and a powerful vocal zeal. Royal Scam era Steely Dan is obviously the first place I'd go as far as comparisons but really it has dense sophistipop elements evocative of The Blue Nile, Talk Talk, or Japan! The choruses anthemic, the guitar solos masterful with distinct tones; there is brilliant songs on this record. This record is blessed with a shit load of jazz hits! Zuckerman's distinct style fringes upon Steely Dan's Aja as well with groovy boogie counterpoint and thrilling dynamics.

One thing that stands out on most Galtta releases are the unmistakable, pristine production quality and the saxophone & flute solos of label head Dave Lackner (from the delicious Billy 'n" Dave) but this record brings a rhythmic and instrumental daring perhaps not yet seen on the crunchy label! Zuckerman has exceptionally fascinating synth tones, particularly on "Airplane Girl". The bass tone and performances is definitely among the albums highlights! I find Max Zuckerman's voice to be really appealing and his melodies to be unpredictable & fresh! He is also a well seasoned jazz soloist with very creative ideas for his leads!

Essentially, this smooth groove will take a few more listens (Wakai Tsubame, the opening track was my favorite ((so nice I was compelled to listen twice)). I have to ask myself, has Max Zuckerman ever inhabited that corner office or is it all just jazz? Anywho, and hey, this was a spectacular record so pick this up on tapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Am I right??


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